‘Brown Rot’ Attacks Florida Docks

A brown fungus, first discovered in 2009,  is attacking Florida docks, golf cart bridges and other outdoor structures made of CCA treated wood.  Chromated copper arsenate  preasure treated wood, or CCA for short, was widely used to build boat docks  and other outdoor structures before it was taken off of the market in 2004. Production of CCA wood  was stopped because it contains arsenic, but now  it is also coming under attack from a fungus known as dock fungus or brown rot fungus. The fungus first turns black in color, and then orange and, if left untreated, will deteriorate the wood literally eating all the way to the heart of the wood leaving it  structurally unsound. The good news is if caught in time, the fungus can be removed and the wood treated to prevent further damage.

Story brought to you by Underwater-Lights USA. Underwater Boat Lights


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  1. Please tell me how to remove and or control this fungus, are there any effective control methods.

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