Growing More Algae With LED Lights

When Oakland Park, Florida algae cultivator and manufacturer of algae-derived products, Algae to Omega wanted to provide supplemental lighting through the night at its 60,000 square foot facility, it turned to LumiGrow, Inc.a provider of LED lighting solutions for commercial growers and agribusinesses. LumiGrows lighting systems will allow Algae to Omega to significantly decrease operating costs while increase production within the same footprint and minimizes environmental impact. Unlike other greenhouse lighting systems that emit broad bands of the color spectrum that plants don’t use, the LumiGrow system emits only light that plants do use. The LumiGrow system’s color output can also be adjusted to meet the algaes specific photosynthesis requirements. Plankton uses Underwater LED boat lights to increase photosynthesis just like algae uses light from the LumiGrow system. This draws plankton to your boat which attracts baitfish and gamefish.


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