U.K. Company Leasing LED’s To Businesses

A new British company believes it has come up with a way for businesses to reap the benefits of installing LED lighting without the tremendous up front costs. LED Lease Solutions plans to lease LED lights to businesses for a small monthly fee, saving the companies tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in upfront lighting improvements while they still enjoy the huge reduction in energy and maintenance costs. While LED lighting has improved to the point of being a viable replacement for fluorescent and incandescent lights, the high upfront cost of switching existing lighting to LED’s is preventing there widespread use. Access to Profit Ltd, the London based parent company of LED Lease Solutions offer LED’s on a lease basis enabling companies to spread the investment cost over a typical 3 year period so that the savings in energy and maintenance costs more than outweigh the monthly or quarterly payments. This leaves companies with more working capital and creates a positive cash flow on there balance sheets. LED Lease Solutions begins by performing an lighting audit to determine what LED lighting is required. They then prepares a lease analysis and pricing quote to establish cost savings to determine the best lease terms for the business. The analysis clearly shows the monthly and quarterly lease cost and compares this to the energy savings. You can read more on this story at GreenBang.com.

Underwater LED dock lights are another great way to make your waterfront business brighter and safer while you reduce electric and maintenance costs. Improve the bottom line of your waterfront bar, restaurant or hotel with underwater LED dock lights.


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