An Alternative To Alternative Energy

I found this comment on the Maui News. Trevor makes a great point about using alternative energy. What good is it to develop alternative energy sources if you are going to continue to use lighting that wastes energy? Switching from inefficient mercury vapor streetlights to LED streetlights can greatly reduce energy demand TODAY! Not 5 years from now. If you look around you can find many more inefficient lights that are run 8 hours a day or more that can be replaced with LED lighting to reduce energy demands even more.


Underwater LED Boat Lights

Using LED lighting is a no-brainer

August 28, 2011

The Maui News

It’s all very well spending money on alternative energy, solar, wind, etc. However, if you don’t change the mercury halide light sucking the energy, what’s the point? LED lighting in conjunction with computer-regulated models uses as little as 20 percent of what a mercury halide uses and only has to be changed every 12 to 15 years, a huge reduction of man and truck hours which equates to even bigger savings. Halide every two to three years, one way or another, an average of one utility worker is killed every day in America while out changing a street light bulb. So it’s not just about alternative energy, it’s also about energy conservation and labor management on a large scale. Changing the way we use energy is where the real savings kick in. Utility companies love halide streetlights. It’s money they watch burn out of your pocket and into theirs every night. To top it off, the disposal or recycling of these mercury halide lights creates an environmental issue. LED, no-brainer.

Trevor Ward



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