LED Streetlights Save City Budget

When the city of Stamford, Connecticut needed to trim it’s budget, it turned to General Electric and Connecticut Light and Power for help. With funding from an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Stamford was able to replace more than 1,000 high-pressure sodium streetlights with energy efficient GE Evolve™ LED Cobrahead streetlights. A $357,000 rebate from Connecticut Light and Power will allow the city to replace an additional 467 streetlights this year. The upgrade to LED streetlights is expected to save the city $146,000 a year in energy costs and even more money in reduced maintenance costs. The LED streetlights have a 50,000-hour rated life, making them virtually maintenance free for more than 13 years. The older high-pressure sodium streetlights last between 4 and 6 years. The savings in electricity and maintenance costs should save Stamford enough money to pay the initial cost of the lights within 6 years. LED lighting can save homeowners and businesses  money in energy and maintenance costs. The greatest savings are achieved when the LED lights are used in areas that need to be lighted for most of the day. Using LED’s for parking lots, commercial buildings and underwater dock lights can save substantial amounts of money over there lifetime.


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