Alabama Town Saves With LED Streetlights

Robertsdale, Alabama is going high tech, at least with it’s street lighting. This small Alabama town will be replacing 120 incandescent streetlights with super efficient LED streetlights. The switch is expected to cut the cities costs to run the lights from around $121 a year to only $39 a year. Switching to LED’s will also save Robertsdale money in maintenance costs. Bulbs in the old streetlights burn out after 22,000 hours. The new LED streetlights have a 50,000 hour life expectancy. The LED’s also put out a whiter light, improving night time vision, and direct more light onto the street providing more consistent illumination. The lights will be installed along Ala. 59 from Central Baldwin Middle School, south to Baldwin County 48. Robertsdale received a $100,000 grant to fund the project through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs which helps distribute funding provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Waterfront property owners can save on there outdoor lighting bills and beautify there property by installing LED underwater dock lights. These lights come in 5 beautiful colors, attract fish and increase night time safety around your dock.


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