Marina Floats Plans For Upgrades

A group of investors wants to turn the marina at Belmar, NJ into a multiuse facility that will include shopping, a restaurant, miniature golf and a Tiki Bar. The proposed $10 million facility, by DM Belmar Marina, LLC, will open the new Tiki Bar and minature golf course by this summer. The Tiki Bar will be built on the 9th Avenue Pier and will include boat slips for float up patrons. A new 34,000 square foot building featuring retail shops on the first floor and a 16,000 square foot restaurant on the second floor should open by March, 2013. The restaurant and shops will be built on land now occupied by the marina’s offices and bait shop. Funding for the project will be provided entirely by private investors. No taxpayer money will be used to fund the project. A nice touch for this facility would be the use of underwater LED dock lights around the Tiki Bar dock. Underwater LED lights would improve safety for float up customers and greatly improve the atmosphere for all of the Tiki Bars customers.


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