NJ Energy Co Invests In It’s Customers

New Jersey energy provider, PSE&G is helping New Jersey residents and institutions save money by becoming more energy efficient. The company is investing $277 million in energy efficiency programs aimed at residents of NJ cities and institutions that are used by the community, like hospitals and government offices that might not otherwise make investments in energy efficiency. Upfront costs and long pay-back times often prevent these institutions from making the switch to more energy efficient products like LED lighting. PSE&G’s $240 million investments are helping fund  11 energy efficiency initiatives in places where they are needed most. The program is already paying dividends for New Jersey and PSE&G. Energy efficiency upgrades funded by the program saved PSE&G customers more than 283 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2010. That’s the equivalent to the energy produced by a 30 megawatt power plant running continuously for a year. This is done without operating costs, and without creating more pollution.

Investing in energy saving products like LED lighting makes sense in these times of out of control energy costs. Homeowners, businesses and even RV and boat owners can benefit from installing LED lights. Upfront costs are still higher with LED’s, but prices have dropped dramatically in the last few years bringing payback time down to under two years in most cases. After that the savings in electricity costs and maintenance costs go right into your pocket. There are many excellent LED products available including interior lighting, exterior lighting landscape lighting and LED lights for boats and RV’s.


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