Marina Floats Plans For Upgrades

A group of investors wants to turn the marina at Belmar, NJ into a multiuse facility that will include shopping, a restaurant, miniature golf and a Tiki Bar. The proposed $10 million facility, by DM Belmar Marina, LLC, will open the new Tiki Bar and minature golf course by this summer. The Tiki Bar will be built on the 9th Avenue Pier and will include boat slips for float up patrons. A new 34,000 square foot building featuring retail shops on the first floor and a 16,000 square foot restaurant on the second floor should open by March, 2013. The restaurant and shops will be built on land now occupied by the marina’s offices and bait shop. Funding for the project will be provided entirely by private investors. No taxpayer money will be used to fund the project. A nice touch for this facility would be the use of underwater LED dock lights around the Tiki Bar dock. Underwater LED lights would improve safety for float up customers and greatly improve the atmosphere for all of the Tiki Bars customers.


Pier Draws Tourists Wih LED Lights

The coastal town of Fulton, TX is looking into installing LED lights to one of the towns biggest attractions, their 1,058 foot long pier. Fulton Town Council members are considering a plan to replace the mercury vapor lights that illuminate the pier with solar powered LED lights. The LED lights will cost between $15,000 and $30,000, but will save the pier between 80% – 90% on it’s lighting bill. In addition, the Town Council is considering adding blue underwater led lights to the pier.

Town Upgrades To LED’s At No Cost

The City of Burton, Michigan is looking to LED lighting as a way to save energy and trim the cities budget. Burton is installing LED lighting inside buildings and in parking lots of City Hall, the Police Administration buildings and the Department of Public Works. The new LED lights are being paid for in part by a grant from the state and with rebates from Consumer Energy ranging from $10 to $22 per light, the upgrade to LED’s could come at no cost to taxpayers. The new LED lights will save the city almost $95,000 in lighting costs. They have an 11 year life expectancy saving the city another $4800 annually in maintenance costs. Trim the cost of lighting your waterfront bar or restaurant with underwater LED lighting. Save big on lighting and maintenance costs.

Alabama Town Saves With LED Streetlights

Robertsdale, Alabama is going high tech, at least with it’s street lighting. This small Alabama town will be replacing 120 incandescent streetlights with super efficient LED streetlights. The switch is expected to cut the cities costs to run the lights from around $121 a year to only $39 a year. Switching to LED’s will also save Robertsdale money in maintenance costs. Bulbs in the old streetlights burn out after 22,000 hours. The new LED streetlights have a 50,000 hour life expectancy. The LED’s also put out a whiter light, improving night time vision, and direct more light onto the street providing more consistent illumination. The lights will be installed along Ala. 59 from Central Baldwin Middle School, south to Baldwin County 48. Robertsdale received a $100,000 grant to fund the project through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs which helps distribute funding provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Waterfront property owners can save on there outdoor lighting bills and beautify there property by installing LED underwater dock lights. These lights come in 5 beautiful colors, attract fish and increase night time safety around your dock.

Camp Lejeune Gets Greener

Camp Lejeune, NC is becoming greener and more energy efficient with the addition of photovoltaic panels, geothermal heat pumps, LED lighting and other energy-saving devices. Photovoltaic panels and LED lighting are being installed on booths at the Base Exchange, new barracks opening in 2013 will have net zero energy usage producing as much energy as they use. Carports and open areas across the base will also receive photovoltaic panels and 60 LED streetlamps will be installed at base gates. The LED lights will save 50 percent in energy costs and 90 percent on maintenance costs. You can cut your energy and maintenance costs on outdoor lighting with underwater LED dock lights. Save money and the environment with underwater LED lights. Thanks to for some of the information in this story.

Ft Lauderdale Sailfish

Fort Lauderdale Sailfish Fishing

Known for their fast runs, acrobatic jumps and violent head-shaking, the sailfish is the official state saltwater fish of Florida. Living in offshore waters, sailfish are often found near the Gulfstream and around the 100 fathom line. They are a rapidly growing fish reaching lengths of 4-5 feet in a year. Sailfish can be identified by the greatly enlarged dorsal fin running almost the entire length of its back, dark blue top, brown-blue laterally and silver or white underbelly. Another prominent feature is its elongated upper jaw in the form of a spear. Sailfish move into shallow inshore water in summer to spawn near the surface. Females are often seen swimming slowly at the surface with their dorsal fins above water and accompanied by one or more males. They feed aggressively on small fish, Blue runners, pinfish, mullet, scads, ballyhoo and squid. Sailfish tire easily and should be revived after a long fight.

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Edmonton Installing LED Streetlights

The Edmonton Journal reports that the City of Edmonton is installing energy efficient LED streetlights throught the city. After a two year pilot program the city decided to replace 4,500 high-pressure sodium street lights in 12 neighborhoods. The move is expected to save the city $100,000 a year in lighting costs and reduce greenhouse emissions. The LED streetlights are also expected to reduce light polution by directing most of the light to the street below and not into neighboring windows. To read more on this story visit Edmonton LED Streetlights.